Return with Honor | TE Auto Business Department won BYD's '2022 Best Partner'




载誉而归 | TE汽车事业部荣获比亚迪“2022最佳合作伙伴”

On November 5, BYD New Energy Vehicle Core Supplier Conference 2022 was successfully held in Shenzhen. TE Connectivity (Tyco Electronics, referred to as 'TE') China Automotive Business Division won the BYD 2022 Best Partner Award. Mr. Eric Zheng, Sales and Marketing Director of TE China Automotive Business Division, attended and accepted the award on behalf of TE.

As the leader of the new energy vehicle market, BYD's sales performance in 2022 reached a new high. Behind the numbers, every car delivered successfully has gone through the assembly process of tens of thousands of parts. In the long-term cooperation with BYD, TE focuses on local innovation, constantly provides high-quality products and system solutions, and helps the vehicle achieve lightweight and system optimization. In addition to product resistance, TE's strong and professional engineering, supply chain, customer service and quality service of the production team have been recognized and trusted by customers. Under the performance of comprehensive strength, TE stood out from more than 1000 suppliers of BYD and won the 'Best Partner' award. Wang Chuanfu, chairman of BYD Group, communicated with the TE team and expressed his high recognition for TE.

载誉而归 | TE汽车事业部荣获比亚迪“2022最佳合作伙伴”

Wang Chuanfu, Chairman of BYD Group, communicated with TE team

载誉而归 | TE汽车事业部荣获比亚迪“2022最佳合作伙伴”

Sales and Marketing Director of TE China Automobile Business Department participating in the conference

Eric Zheng (middle) and his sales team


With the continuous expansion of the new energy vehicle market and the uncertain impact of the epidemic, it is a major challenge to improve on-time delivery while providing high-quality products and services. TE China Automotive Division is deeply involved in the Chinese market, implements the strategic policy of localized production, ensures on-time delivery of products, provides stable product supply for partners, and promotes the healthy development of the automotive industry together with industry partners. In addition, while guaranteeing supply, TE's China Automotive Division is also working hard on new product development, technology upgrades, and systematic application solutions. The launch of a series of new products of high-voltage connectors and high-speed high-frequency connectors, as well as the launch of smart manufacturing benchmark factories, will better empower the development of China's automobile intelligence and electrification.

载誉而归 | TE汽车事业部荣获比亚迪“2022最佳合作伙伴”

TE Automotive Division's newly opened Kunshan Phase I plant

'Empower customers, innovate and win-win' is the mission of TE China's automotive division, and it is also the goal of our rooted in China and deep localization strategy for many years. We will continue to give back to customers and win the market with faster response, better service, more innovation and higher quality delivery.

载誉而归 | TE汽车事业部荣获比亚迪“2022最佳合作伙伴”

Sales and Marketing Director of TE China Automobile Business Division

Eric Zheng made the above statement.

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