TE Connectivity was launched by the Engineering Technology Center of China Automotive Business Division 




Suzhou, China – November 9, 2022 – TE Connectivity (hereinafter referred to as 'TE'), the Engineering Technology Center of China Automotive Business Division (hereinafter referred to as 'Engineering Center') was officially opened. This not only marks the further enhancement of the local engineering R&D strength of TE China Automotive Business Unit, which will be able to more effectively meet the rapid growth and dynamic changes of various needs of local customers, but also is another important milestone for TE to deeply cultivate China and serve the local market.

 TE Connectivity中国汽车事业部工程技术中心启用

The engineering technology center of TE China Automotive Business Division is located in Suzhou, covering a total of five floors. It integrates engineering, research and development, design, office and other functions, and can accommodate more than 800 engineers to work here. The engineering center focuses on the engineering research and development of electric and intelligent products, and will continue to significantly improve the localization rate of TE products in the field of new energy vehicles and vehicle-mounted communications on the original basis after its full use.

Shen Weiming, senior vice president and general manager of TE Asia-Pacific Automotive Business Unit, said: 'TE China Automotive Business Division has achieved great success in the past few years, and the opening of this engineering center is more monumental. It not only further strengthens the local R&D capability of China's automotive industry, but also plays an important role in the development of the Asia-Pacific automotive industry. Previously, the star products such as CSJ high-voltage connectors developed by TE China team have been warmly welcomed by overseas customers. The engineering technology of TE China team Technical ability is becoming the driving force to promote the development of the global automobile industry. '

TE Connectivity中国汽车事业部工程技术中心启用

The Engineering Center will become the engineering base and 'innovative brain' of TE China Automotive Business Department. After the launch, more than 600 engineers distributed in seven different offices across the country in the past will be able to truly converge for the first time, achieve more efficient communication and exchange, more concentrated R&D resources, and more cohesive team cooperation, which will further release the potential of Chinese local talents, and continue to improve the ability of TE to help the transformation and development of the automobile industry.

Sun Xiaoguang, Vice President and General Manager of TE China Automotive Business Unit, said: 'The completion and launch of the engineering center is not only a quantitative change in our ability to take root in China for many years and continue to create local capabilities, but also a qualitative change in the continuous innovation and empowerment of the TE China Automotive Business Unit to transform China's automobile industry. Now, the innovation capability of China's automobile brands is giving us a greater stage, and we will continue to take innovation as the driving force, and join the trend of electrification and intelligence in China's automobile industry.

TE Connectivity中国汽车事业部工程技术中心启用

     TE China Automotive Division has adhered to the strategy of 'taking root in the local market and deep innovation' for nearly three decades; Its manufacturing engineers and intelligent and electronic product development engineers have continuously improved their capabilities, and have become the global model of TE in the development of some products. Up to now, TE China Automotive Division has more than 600 patents at home and abroad. The output value of a series of high-voltage connectors and high-speed high-frequency connectors developed by the Chinese team continues to rise. Among them, the development and application of TE CSJ high-voltage connection series products, the second generation of national standard DC vehicle charging sockets, and the HC-Bolt charging gold combination and other products are the brilliant answers that TE China Automotive Business Department has successfully seized the opportunity to hand over in response to the tide of intelligent and electronic transformation in the automotive industry. After years of polishing, TE China Automotive Business Unit has now possessed mature electrical connection system architecture capability, advanced technology research and development capability, and strong and rapid local forward development capability. It has launched a series of design, development, verification and scale production in accordance with market trends, cutting-edge technologies, new materials and new processes.

TE Connectivity中国汽车事业部工程技术中心启用

The opening of the Engineering Technology Center of TE China Automotive Business Unit is another new starting point for TE to deepen local innovation and enhance R&D capabilities. TE China Automotive Business Department will adhere to the concept of customer-oriented, cultivate internal skills, consolidate capabilities, seize opportunities, and develop and innovate; We will continue to implement the deep localization strategy, constantly strive for excellence in research and development, quality, digitalization, delivery and service, and continue to empower the development of China's automobile industry with deep innovation.

Ralf Klaedtke, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer of TE Global Transportation Solutions Division, said: 'The development of electric vehicles in China is changing with each passing day. We also have a strong team in China. They are full of energy, enthusiastic, brave and unforgettable. We are seeing the engineers of TE China Automotive Division and their works go out of China and serve the world.'

TE Connectivity中国汽车事业部工程技术中心启用

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